ICE Friction Chain

Product image 1ICE Friction Chain
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ICE'd Process

  • Break-in: Simulated 250-watt rider output for 15 minutes.

    • Removes and polishes microscopic asperities - rough edges.

  • Striping: Factory coating removed in a 5 – step solvent free ultrasonic cleaning process.

    • Striping of factory coating is critical to achieve low friction levels.

  • ICED Coating: Chain is infused with a waxed based lubrication cocktail.

    • Chain is preheated to 200 °F prior to coating.

    • Wax-Teflon-molybdenum disulfide graphite mixture applied using hot ultrasonic immersion.

  • Top Coat: Final coat of ultra-fine low friction particles applied to chain.

    • Ultra-fine low friction flake particles applied using HIP – Hot Isostatic Press process.

  • Final Testing: Chain friction is measured using simulated 250-watt output.

    • Savings of over 6-watts typically achieved compared to conventional lubrication methods.

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